Flight Time Limitations

Most small companies (and a number of larger ones) operate their Flight and Duty Time Limitations scheme through a series of spreadsheets which are used to capture and often report on any prior or upcoming FTL exceedances. Whilst this sounds like a good solution it suffers from a number of major drawbacks such as

  • Lack of Centralised reporting.
  • Lack of flexibility for pilots who work for more than one company.
  • Occasional missed reporting rules which are simply never applied.

To overcome these problems we have designed a system which allows the importation of data from any number of custom sources and produces outputs in a standard format regardless of where the information was captured from.


Unless they really are totally unfit for purpose, you can usually leave the format of your current data capture spreadsheets alone, we will write a short import routine for each different format and this is then used to extract the data each time the spreadhseet is emailed to the system.